This summer, Dubai Emirates Airline is providing free visas to Thailand people for a specific period. All the Thai people say that from Bangkok Tickets will be booked till November 14 to Dubai for Dubai Seerutfree, will provide a free visa worth $ 9.00 for them.

This flight academy class ticket is worth $ 500 and business class is $ 1,432. The Emirates Airline currently runs 2 flights a week and runs daily from Dubai to Bangkok International Airport and Phuket International Airport. This flight span is 6.25 hours. The Linear introduced a lounge for the business class in the Bangkok flight, the lounge has been re-restored, with Platinum and Gold Awards members now with businessmen. Will travel.

Dubai is giving this opportunity to attract 20 million tourists annually by Dubai 2020. In order to attract more tourists in the coming years, Dubai will make its visa policy easier, according to a report. According to a report Chinese and Chinese this year, Russian tourists have increased substantially.